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New computer

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Hey guys its my B-Day on sunday and i have put some money aside too build a computer im just wondering what kind of specs should i be going for too run games like Arma or Battlefield on ultra because that is my goal.

Any advice is welcome.

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So you want to run games like Arma or Battlefield on ultra. Okay, so we have that down.


Are you planning on using it for anything else (besides web browsing and e-mails)?


And finally what is your budget?


(Because boy I can tell you the specs of the best computer to run Arma and Battlefield on ultra, but I don't know what you are intending on using it for other than gaming)


PS: So far Intel is a lot kinder to users when it comes to Arma, and Nvidia has a little more juice to handle Arma also without the heat. Which comes to my major question, how hot do you want your computer?

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I can give you a general idea of how much your system will cost to run Battlefield or Arma on ultra. So first, AMD you are looking around $1,000 - $2,000. With Intel you are looking at around $1,500 - $2,500. These two estimates are just the system itself and not the addons. If you build a $1,500 Intel system, then usually the addons will run your budget up to $2,000. Similar for AMD, from $1,000 to $1,500.


Now you may think, "Wow AMD is cheaper, so it must be weaker." Well, you are half correct.


AMD is strong in its own field, GAMING. Nvidia is strong in its own field, WORK. Intel is strong in its own field also, OVERKILL. <--- (See what I did their ^-^)


So now that we got that all figured out, here are a few tips:

  1. RAM more than 16GB of RAM is useless if you are just going to game, and sometimes people will say it is overkill.
  2. SSDs are pretty awesome, they have a longer life-span and are 10x faster than an HDD. BUT! They are expensive, especially when you are going for 450GB-1TB. SSDs, do however quicken load times of certain games to bring you into the action quicker. I don't use SSDs because I see no need for them right now, but in the future I might get one.
  3. Mice, people believe that the faster the mouse the better and also that laser mice are dominant (reminds me of the ongoing war between Mac and Windows  <_<). Optical mice are pretty awesome along with being more accurate than a laser mouse, sure laser mice are faster and work beautifully with a lot of surfaces, but optical mice work far better with almost any type of surface and they have a higher pinpoint accuracy (I don't use an optical mouse because I have HUGE hands, so I was stuck with FUNC MS-3 Revision 2)
  4. Don't always rely off of Amazon or Newegg (or PCPartPicker), look at both Amazon and Newegg, and you should be able to find practically everything more (usually it feels like this  :Eating Zombie: when you are browsing Amazon for computer parts.)
  5. AMD parts generate a lot of heat for being inexpensive, but they are slowly reaching Intel's and Nvidia's level of power consumption (lower and lower consumption of power - soon we will never need power!  :blink:) Nvidia and Intel components are quite fast and powerful, expensive yet that is the reason why they have a few more advancements in technology.

A little background on AMD, Intel, and Nvidia. Intel reverse engineered one of ARM's processors to make on their first consumer processors, then AMD reverse engineered Intel's reverse engineered processor to make one of their first consumer processors. Nvidia kind of started off as a industrial grade gpu manufacturer, and there were a lot more gpu manufacturers out there. AMD bought out ATI Radeon, and Nvidia bought out AGEIA PhysX (I usually always butcher the manufacturer's name...  :mellow:).


Through all of their wars, AMD and Intel were top of the pack for customizable (I am inventing new words!  |B)) PCs. The same goes for Nvidia and AMD, they became the top of the pack for gpus.


There are some silent cpus and gpus out there that everyday uneducated computer users don't know about, and I don't need to bring them up because they are very expensive to get (yet it is usually way worth it).

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