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Hello it's a me, Mario!

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Hello everyone :)


My name is Bence 'LastRights' Kendernay. Originally I'm from Hungary, but i've spent my last couple of years in Belgium and moving to the UK next year to head to uni to study neuroscience. Apparently I can't move my pc around so I'm not going to be able to play this summer but i would still love to keep up with the community and probably do the best i can to improve it if there is any way.


I am currently playing at higher elo and am constantly looking to improve, possibly to the level of competitive play. Additionally I've spent some time on photoshop a few years ago, even though my skills are a bit rusty now i can get back to it if needed for whatever reason. 


Other than that I'm pretty crap at talking about myself, but im happy to answer any questions there is. =)

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I'm looking forward to playing League with you and seeing you being more active on the forums and teamspeak, definitely someone everyone should meet if given the chance, he's a nice player and be a great addition to the community! 

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Since I cant edit I'll comment : A few random facts about me : It is nearly impossible to seriously piss me off unless you're my brother. I hate running, but I could walk for 20 years continously and not get bored of it. I'm really lazy, or the way i prefer putting it : I don't do something that I don't see a point in doing so. I love animals, monkeys rule !! I am not judging people (or well, trying my best not to), I'm more like an observer trying to see things from all the sides possible. 

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i want your avatar in desktop size...:)

@[member='darkelf1'] heres my avatar for you 

and here's another wallpaper I like, just because. xD

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