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Match Making System

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Not sure what's going on but the recent patch seems to either screwed the MMR system.

Or it was originally screwed to begin with. No matter what mode I played in, whether it was normals or ranked, or an ARAM even. It was an automatic loss. Just a huge losing streak for 2 DAYS straight.

I'll be monitoring some of the statistics and will be picking random people as my guinea pigs; With a little bit of research, I'll check if League's Match Making system is literally coo coo right now.

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Nope it's perfectly fine, but those kind of losing streaks happen all the time, mine was way back during the feral flare patch and I was seriously on the verge of dropping league from my gameing list.

I'm just going off of what I've played today, played three games, lost one, won two, pretty much my average day.

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It happens, if you really wanna see the average mmr for both your team and the enemies team use kassad.in to have a look. I find it has quite a good take on the mmr system averages, generally a good website anyway. As for any changes to mmr balancing between teams, I don't think there has been any change at all, mmr goes up and down and losing streaks happen as well as winning streaks, it's just how the system balances out players.

Also the losing streaks occur when you may win quite a few games and then they all add up, you get pushed into a higher elo rating either in normals or ranked (dependant on where you are spamming games) and then you might start losing tons because you are playing against more skilled players. It happens, just keep playing and you'll start winning again you just need to not go on tilt. :D

Edit: Aram as far as I'm aware is random elo against random elo, I played on my unranked account when I first moved to EUW and ended up against a challenger lux. I believe it's just who ever was is in queue at the time.

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