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Some tips for new players

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This if for 5v5 3v3 and Aram modes




The bases of the game is to kill your enemy's nexus. To do that you must go threw several turrets with in which will be defended. Now that that is said we can talk basics. First learn to last hit. 15 last hits is worth more than a kill. Next learn a champ and learn what capabilities and match ups favor your champ. Next is learn when to trade with your opponent. A successful trade will end with either your opponent dead or with you taking less dmg than your opponent. doing this several times will eventual cause them to back and then will cause them to miss cs and give you a lead. Once you have the lead do not let up keep winning the trades and increasing your advantage till you can secure the kill.  


These are the basics you will have to learn many champs and there abilities so that you can properly make successful trades but that comes with time and remember stay calm its a game have fun  

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Just one more thing

1) Aside from throwing towers (something I did not know was possible) I would like to point out that the value of a champion kill is not a constant. A champion on a kiling spree of some kind is worth more than one on a dying spree.

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