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Ranked Duo listings

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Hey guys,


I'm pretty new and haven't played with too many of you yet, but I was wondering if anyone would be interested in a collection of ADK ranked players and try to get some good duo partnerships together with respect to rank and position preferences.


Maybe everyone could list their server, username, preferred position and playstyles as well as current rank.

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I'll start:


Summoner Name:  VeXtopher

Region:  NA

Preferred Positions:  Mid, or Top.  ADC with a support in voicechat.

Champion Preferences:  I play a lot of Shyvana, Renekton in top lane, Orianna, TF, Syndra for mid, and Cait/Lucian/Jinx/twitch as an adc

Playstyle Description:  I'm a very avid farmer, and in a game with not too much roaming and jungler interference I'm pretty close to averaging the 100 cs/ 10 min mark.

In lane I really play the match-up, aggressive whenever possible, but with weak early laners I prefer to survive early laneing phase either even or slightly below as to not snowball my opponents. 

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Summoner Name : LastRights

Region : EUW

Preferred Position : ADC

Champ Preferences : Vayne, Caitlyn, Sivir

Playstyle : Maximum level of agression within reason. But I have nothing against passive farming and late-game carrying either.

Level of play : Currently mid-plat.

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summoner name: SomeDude24

Region: NA

preferred position: i can fill im equal too all roles and have all champs

champion preference: i play alot of them very well

playstyle: i can play aggressive depends who im against or who i am DUO with

current rank: silver 3 hunnting for gold atm lol

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