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[quote name='eXpectKorea' timestamp='1339730484' post='32366']
These are most of my cadets this past year. Only those with 85+ grade for the class could go (partly my decision).

My favorite Korean dish; yes, I'm Korean. Well, half Korean and half Irish.

Oh, and tallest graduating senior of Class of '12. And in-processing for the U.S. Air Force

im gonna have to get with you about those lesbian looking ones.

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Me and my spanish best friend :P

my GF and i <3

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about a year and half old | Me and my son Kayden 3yrs now im 38
Me at my old job Hauled water from oil Tanks
Just Fugly me lol
[img]http://i307.photobucket.com/albums/nn295/jlm7424/myuglymug-1.png[/img] Edited by T R I G G E R

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Hello Folks,

I have been playing online since Counter-Strike was a mod for Half-Life.
During those days I ran it on a NT 4 server, with MySql to keep stats that would track and display them for the players.
2001 I played (OFP) Operation Flashpoint: CWC & Resistance, which evolved into MFCTI (Capture The Island).
I did manage our squad for competition, approved matches, and did the match player selection. I also managed the website and forum.
We numbered about 30 members. But then OFP was a MilSim. So I am mostly used to players with mil backgrounds, not saying that I haven't played with civ players. I adhere to Family First and Gaming Second.
I do understand "bounding overwatch" and the difference between "cover and concealment".
I am a civ, only myself and my cousin did not server in the military. The rest have served in all branches of the military except the Coast Guard. Currently my eldest son is deployed as "Sixty-Eight Whiskey" with "The Big Red One" overseas.
I generally keep a situational awareness to observe, adapt, implement to each situation to best support the side I am on. I am preferential to Armored Kill. I have just started to frequent the ADK TS server, in the Metro Non-Explosive channel. I have been listening and talking with a few that frequent that channel. I have enjoyed the company of the people that frequent it. Though I have yet to check out the Guild Wars 2 (GW2) channel. And yet to play the Dayz mod for ArmA II. I do plan on acquiring ArmA III.

MHQ @ SE Malden

(searching for the add (pic) attachment) Edited by mauser1891

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