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Member Picture Thread

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I'm just an applicant but working toward my 20 posts... since this is an interview process I thought I would post here and add this to my introduction thread. 


So... this is me! 

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My buddy and me on our bikes. I'm on the ktm. Also, before any comments about all the stickers on my bike, yes i do race, and yes i do have sponsors. Next summer, i'll be switching to desert racing with a new sponsorship from RMS. I'm excited. And also, I have no numbers on the bike because this is the inbetween stage where i switch from Paul Tracy sponsoring me to RMS. Plus i don't really need numbers for the desert racing.


Lol so many times i edited this. Paul tracy sponsoring me is NOT the indy driver, even though i wish he was.

450 or 250F? I use to race, I was on a KX450F, was sponsored by RAW Motorsports along side my brother who placed 2nd in Novice in the Amateur Arena Cross for the U.S. We've been diehard racers since probably 2003, we would just ride every now and then before.

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Because I'm fuckin' awesome and have a huge ego, here's FIVE (5) pictures of my and the better half. Shes a good girl and keeps me outta trouble!


Everyone needs a hug occasionally...







Getting ready for St. Patties










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Been a while since I posted in here, so here is an updated me!  My buddy's little brother had a Airsoft war with his friends, and he wanted me to tag along :P (I'm the one with the red arrow)



Edited by Homeboy55

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Some of these are years old. Most from last Christmas.



Me at thirteen. Sexy, I know.


Me before PlanetSide:




Me at college:






Me Christmas 2013:




Me after two months of PlanetSide and first semester of college:




So, yeah. Planetside, not good for your mental health.

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lots of pictures here! i wont ever let you know what i look like, cause, well im mysterious like that, so instead ill show you my computer






green thing is my test bench, the other thing is referred to by friends simply as "the devil"


@madmuttmatt oooh look at the pretty boy :3, little overkill with the moniters no? i think 3 is plenty haha XD

@Revan73 never would have guessed

Edited by Skidrowxxx

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With my gramps :')




No too actual but i havent changed alot xd


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