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What's good I'm Grenaders3

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I remember when ADK was active af in Planetside 2 and that ADK used to have an ARMA 3 Exile server. That shit was fun and been see'ing a lot of renewed activity in the discord and then the Email's saying it's coming back. I still got a few old badge banners in my computer. Which btw are dated Feb 23rd 2017 so 6 years hell yeah.

Ever since Running with ADK in PL2 I been a medic and even got very good at doing ARMA 3 stuff plus setting up ARMA 3 servers and maintaining them.
Love me nostalgia, love me old pals, love me adk, nuff  said.


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Ah another PS2 vet returns to us.  Really does look like maybe we'll need to organize a game night for it to get everyone back in for some chaos.

Join us on Discord!

Returning member?  Ping me in Discord and I'll reassign your member tags.  Looking to join? Join Discord, makes some friends and get someone to vouch for you, it's that simple

Streaming ADK shenanigans and more on my Twitch

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Welcome back!


Fun fact! We still have an active Arma 3 unit... well, I'm active. Just search ADK when searching for a unit to join or follow this link: https://units.arma3.com/unit/adifferentkind

Due to the original Commander vanishing, I have created a new unit. You can also find the old unit here: https://units.arma3.com/unit/adkgamers






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