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Ever played Warlight?




It's a simple, slow paced, fun and addictive browser game based of the board game RISK. So it's strategy, yeah.

I love it, been playing it for like a few years. You can create games between two and 30+ players with maps based of countries and continents or fan created maps from other games, films or fiction like Game of Thrones.


If you haven't played it check it out, although i agree it's not a game for everybody. I would love to organize some big games or tournaments if enough people from ADK join. It's great for Multiplayer but kind of slow paced so, uh, bring a few cups of coffee.

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Never played it but I'm not sure I'm sold on it. Give me a little more ambition from your end on why I should. =P

Well, there's a lot of role playing options. Most games have diplomatic rules which means you can often times Role play as world leaders and make alliances with other countries. That's kind of my main reason for playing it... but as i said, it's slow paced and not really a game for everyone.

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