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Karthus, looking better than ever.

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Wowzer, I personally didn't see this one coming. I didn't see League of legends updating Karthus of all people but then again with the new album from PentaKill, it sort of fits. I haven't managed to play him on live servers yet but on the PVE he looked phenomenal. The detail on his new spell affects, the detail of the model both are gorgeous and to date probably the best looking in-game (in my opinion).

They having really changed him, though he isn't a competitive ranked champion at the moment, he doesn't really need to be changed. He fits in well with his own meta, and is an extremely fun and unique champion to play. If you guys are looking for a champion to play because you're bored with the current meta champions, give Karthus a try... and even if you're not bored, give Karthus a try anyway as everybody needs to feel the awesome wrath of the Deathsinger.


So without further ado check out the official release below from Riot's very own SixTwo regarding the remaking of our beloved Karthus and his confirmation of his release below. Let us know what your thoughts are on his remake after your first game! :)

The Karthus Visual Update, after drifting through PBE, has found its way to the live servers! His redesigned model comes replete with new animations, reworked voiceover and spell effects that truly anchor death’s greatest champion to the Shadow Isles. If you’re interested in learning abouthowwe went about updating Karthus or checking out his concept art, head over to ourinitial PBE announce article.

Excited to bring Karthus’ new visage to the Fields of Justice? Let us know in the comments below!

source of the original PBE post

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Personally I like the rework a lot, but there are some certain things about the new karthus that annoys me to the ground. And that is the following : 


Look at him. Just look at him. He looks like a freaking muscly-zombie-bishop whatever. This is the only skin rework I am not happy with (mainly because this is the one I have). I think the choice of colour for this skin from riot's side was really poor. But if that wouldnt be enough, this guy will scream like a little girl completelly off tone every 5 seconds just to "boost" your gaming experience. Needless to say, it drives me mad. Other than that, I think the rework in general is pretty badass. :D

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@[member='LastRights'] I do agree, some of the colours given to that skin could have been chosen a bit better. In saying that though throughout the time I had played league of legends, Karthus always had like a necromancer type art style. To me those colours fit in well with a necromancer style character.
I do very much dislike their new voiceovers for karthus. I just don't think it hit the right spot that karthus had in my heart.
With that said, I think you summed up the overall change very well! pretty badass! :)

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Karthus isnt really that strong of a champ and not my personal favorite but do really like the rewrok and how he looks now.

thats true, competitively he isn't strong but my god he face roles in normals. :)

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