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New Patch, good or bad?

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So what do you think about the new patch, do you like it? good things? bad things? lets hear your opinion. Mine's still patching so I don't really know much about it.

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I liked the patch. Toned down on the scaling of Braum's armor buff and his Q damage, so he can't save the damn ADC as much anymore... Fucking Braum and Kog Maw...god it's bad going up against another hyper carry, but a damn hyper carry that can't die! Any way, also toned down the XP of the jungle so they don't determine the game, and hopefully actually nerfed Kha.

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im happy they nerfed kha, except that they made now w evolve early more viable so there will be some great stuff so see in the next weeks/month.


im happy about the karthus rework too ;)


well the rengar nerf was necessary but i think not enough :/

and im pretty excited about the upcoming quinn skin (a rly underrated champion ;) ad top bruiser op)

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They finally fixed Khaz, he is no longer the stupidly amazing 1v1 god he used to be and is actually survivable now with proper mechanics. Just from that fix I'm loving this patch from an ADC standpoint.

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