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New graphic card, no image

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Hi there,


on friday I bought a new graphic card.

The Asus R9 280x 3 GB Top.


After replacing the old one with new one the system starts but monitor is still black. Also the Status LEDs on the graphic card are 'green'.

If I turn off the PC when there is no image and start it up immediately after shut down, it will start with image on monitor and I can play Battlfefield all night long with > 100 fps.

If I wait 2 seconds, I have the same problem.


My computer:


PSU Corsair 550 W

256 GB SSD

I7 3770

MSI Mainboard

8 GB DDR 3


BIOS Mainboard is up to date.


Thank you for your help.


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do you have a big enough power supply?...how many  power plugs are on the card and are they hooked up?...to me, sounds like it isn't getting enough power...

550 Watt... 3 years old.


It needs a 6 pin and a 8 pin power cable from the PSU.

I hooked up a 6pin and a 6+2Pin Power cable.

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I've had similar problems and normally what solves them is unplugging everything from from the motherboard and reseting the cmos. Try that

Same for me. I usually just unhook everything and recheck connections

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