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Youtube buys Twitch for $1 Billion?

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According to various websites, especially Variety, Twitch has recently been acquired by Youtube for $1billion. The deal is expected to be announced imminently. Twitch was launched in 2011 and is the largest streaming website for gamers with over  43 million viewers a month. Being one of the most popular services used by modern gamers, it is no wonder that Google wants a piece of it. 

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@Viper I personally wouldn't mind if Twitch sold to Google, as far as iv'e seen Google has never really done wrong by anybody maybe a inconvenience with that whole Google+ YouTube thing for awhile but never something completely wrong. It would be nice for Twitch to be there own little thing but with Google on their side Twitch would have so much more money to expand their horizons and become a bigger and better place to watch people stream.


Benefits I can see in the near future:

Possible support for streaming up to 4K, of course most people can't view 4K or even have internet to watch a 4K video without crazy lag. 


Instead choosing between medium, high and source I think with Google they would allow the people who watch to simply pick between 320p 720p and 1080p possible 4K in a few years to come.


Way better App support for iPhone and Android devices.


and just more i'm sure but I can't think of it all right this moment.

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Although unconfirmed, It is highly likely.  And as a streamer, I really see this as something I wouldn't want to happen.  Google makes everything more complicated.

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