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Hello Frens

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It's so nice to come across so many familiar names again. I spent countless hours populating BF servers with people who I ended up becoming very close with. It's been a nostalgic treat to see the ADK-BF reboot. There were a lot of times over the past few years when I'd reflect on all the good memories we made in this community. I'm looking forward to once again being in game and on discord with you all. I had to dust off my computer and make sure it works. (It does). 


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@NikolaiRimskyK love seeing this thread!  I don't even think countless hours describes the amount of time that anyone put into the servers.  😄 But there was a ton of great memories and I love seeing all these familiar faces again and everyone getting to game together once again. 

Can't wait to chat with you some more and hear about how things have been going for you over the past couple years. 

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Welcome back. Good to see more of the old guard return.

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Join us on Discord!

Returning member?  Ping me in Discord and I'll reassign your member tags.  Looking to join? Join Discord, makes some friends and get someone to vouch for you, it's that simple

Streaming ADK shenanigans and more on my Twitch

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So, its YOUR fault... 


Me:  "Well.." [panting, actually, the whole group is sucking wind] "Still three of us left and we got all the way to the Lighthouse this time... "

Buddy 1: "Yah,  but... I uh...    I think I brought the wrong key.."

Buddy 2 "WTF!-"  [incomprehensible sounds from several mics]

Buddy 1 "Yah, but Ajax has a Key too-"

AJAX:  "I'm dead---"

[Group Facepalm]


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