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Discord Rules & Information


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1:  Respect other users and their opinions.  No verbal/text abuse or malicious attacking of others.

2:  No spamming or disruptive chat
This includes text, emoji, links, images, EXCESSIVE CAPS, censor dodging, no portraying yourself as someone else (role playing), and any mentionable @role/user.

3:  No account trading/selling/buying or unsanctioned giveaways. We cannot monitor trades and do not allow them on the server.

4:  No talk or advertisement of cheats/hacks/scams/3rd party exploits. This includes third party currency, macros and botting the game.

5:  Content sharing is allowed by ADK Members. Posting user generated content is encouraged but a source is mandatory. Tip: Use a link instead of an embed.

7:  Any No Not Safe for Work (NSFW) is allowed only in the NSFW Spam Channel, Not Safe for Life (NSFL) content is NEVER ALLOWED 

8:  No advertisements of other forums, servers, discords, etc.

9:  Spoilers suck No one wants to hear the end of blah blah blah or games ect.. You get what we are saying.. Be Respectful and use the spoiler tag or face the wrath of our Discord Admins!
If politics are your thing.. Fine talk about it.. But don't get heated!! It’s not fun anymore then! 




Rules can be changed or modified at anytime, as needed.

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