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Yuki_Sorrelwood (BF4)

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Well I am never good at this kind of stuff, I tend to gloat more then anything, but there it goes. A good handful of you from the BF4 NA Normal No Explosive Metro/Lockers servers have seen me around, and more then likely seen me send in report after report as well as bitch about how people treat server rules like terms and conditions (they don't read them). I honestly find BF4 fun when its working and when badmins (never on an ADK server) are team stacking. I highly enjoy the fast pace action of CQB firefights and team tactics. I do not however enjoy the countless people that refuse to follow simple rules or even logic (i need a med kit, im hurt.....medic doesn't pay any attention). I have made it my goal on BF4 to be in the top 1000 players on PC for support(currently ranked 5680th), resupplies (ranked 7178th), and with the M4 Carbine (ranked 1583rd), which gives me a good challenge as well as makes me a team player. 


Buuuttt thats not what your wanting to read about, so let me get into the details of me. Im a highly competitive gamer who has always been at the heels of top 1% in just about every game i have played. I am the offsite field supervisor of a crime scene clean up center. A retired, short lived, but highly popular night club DJ. Before you ask, I played in Jacksonville Beach FL, and my main music was (still is) trance and dance. I have played video games for over 17 years now, from the original nintendo, to my own custom gaming computer. I love a well balanced FPS game, but I do play others. Current game list includes Eve Online, BF4, Kerbal Space Program, Dayz (both mod and standalone), Banished, Space Engineers, and Phantasy Star Online 2 (with english patch). 


Pretty much, you want to know something about me, ask. I can ramble on for days and days and days, but no one would listen to that.


Thank You



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A big welcome to the community!


Keep those reports coming!



Thank you, and as long as people keep breaking the easy to follow rules (makes me wonder how they built their computer) I will be willing and ready to send in that report. Funny story, a few nights ago I was playing on no explosive lockers, Xfactor showed up and played a bit, he got instant banned by one of the admins for using a single nade, everyone in the server almost took a moment of silence, people like him, i know he didnt mean to toss it and I could give him a second chance.....but blueberries....no, not even my own squad gets a second chance, see it once and boom report. 

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welcome!!!  I have seen you recently on op lockers no exp#6. had a few gun battles with ya.  and ya you are pretty vocal about rules in the server which is great.  i try to stay honest while others completely disregard the rules.  but the system isnt prefect but people like you with your enthusiasm can sure make it better.


if you ever need a squadmate let me know

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How is it going Yuki? If you get back into DayZ let me know man! I am really enjoying ADK's Epoch Panthera server! It is really a great community! Hope to see you around!

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