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Just curious if we had any auto enthusiasts on here that had interesting rides.  Feel free to show what you drive either on the street or on the track.


Daily driver:




Fun car:




Beater: (it's a 2003 that my parents only put 50k on)



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2012 Can Am Spyder 1000cc Sport...Love it and it's a blast to ride in the deserts and oases of Arizona!



Where at in AZ?


Daily driver, '87 Pontiac Fiero - stock 2.8/5-speed, gets around 30mpg in town, if I drive it hard it gets 25-26.  Interior's falling apart thanks to the desert heat, but everything still works (aside from the trunk release button that I wouldn't use anyway).  Currently around 163,000 miles and runs like a top.  I've since rerouted the plug wires.





Semi-daily driver (once I finish rebuilding the trans - when funds allow), '92 GMC C1500 - Vortec-headed 383, fed by GM/Rochester TBI and custom ECM (EBL from dynamicefi.com), 700R4 trans.  Currently around 20,000 miles, I'm planning on a bigger cam in the future, but since it was my first experience in tuning EFI I stayed conservative.  It idles like a stock TBI v8 truck, but has torque for days.  I drove this truck out here when I moved from Michigan, it still had the original TBI 4.3 v6, and with the 3.08 gearing it averaged 24.5mpg over flat land.  Future plans are a 4/6 drop, and bodywork.





Apparently I don't have any pictures on Photobucket after putting the Vortecs on, these are when it still had TBI heads (horrible for performance)... it also has different valve covers and a different air cleaner too.




The BIG project, '78 Malibu - Vortec headed 350, 4-speed.  I've pulled the body off this one, cleaned/painted the frame and all the suspension, new bushings throughout (control arms, body mounts, ball joints, steering, everything).  I've had this about 7 years now, and it's been a long, slow process to get it where it is.  It will probably never be completely finished, planning on bigger & better things for the drivetrain and suspension.  This is still at my parents' up in MI, it will be coming down whenever they sell the house they're in and move all their stuff down at the same time.




Pulled the body off in the dead of January, 17º that day.




Did some repair/reinforcing on the frame (this was my welding 'class'... learning on my own)














I would've loved to separate the engine/trans and clean/repaint, but I was on a very tight time frame (did all the stripping/welding/painting/reassembly on 2 separate visits to MI after moving out to AZ).  It currently runs and can move under its own power, but everything isn't torqued down (suspension bolts, etc.).  This is my 3rd Malibu (other two were rotting away worse than this one), and I have some senior pictures with my very first one somewhere, taken outside the barn at the house my dad grew up at (was in the family until my grandma passed on about 6 years ago, house/barn are over a century old).  If timing is right and they move out this summer (plans are I'll be flying up to help pack/drive out), I'd like to see if the current owners would be ok with me getting some pictures of the current Malibu there before we bring it out.

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San Tan Valley between Tucson and Phoenix...Ride down to the Saguaro National Park and the Desert Museum....Also ride into the Superstitions and Phoenix valley a lot...lol



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Oh nice.  My aunt travels a lot for business and since some of my family started moving down to AZ (mainly my mom's side) she & her husband (career electrician at GM in MI, they live about 15 minutes from where my parents & I lived) come down to that area during the cooler months.

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@[member='EET'] Those look like really fun projects.  I hope one day to have enough garage space for a lift of some type and space to take on a restoration project.  For now I have to live the sub division life.

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Last month my parents decided that when they brought some of their stuff out to their new house in AZ (still living in MI), they would also bring my car :D



So that part's done, now I just need to get back to work on it.

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I'm a fat old married guy with two kids. I'm not posting a picture of my mini van. I die a little inside every time I drive it. My oldest daughter is almost 16, so once she's able to drive herself and her little sister to school, I've told my wife that the mid-life crisis will go into full swing and I'm getting a sports car.  If she'll let me.

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Nice rides guys,  Ive been lookin for a page like this!    


here are my vehicles



Audi TT, full bolt ons and tune

Evo X MR built motor, full bolt ons, tune by Boostin Performance in chicago

Mercedes ML 350 - daily driver



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