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The new X-Men Trailer has me a bit happier.

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Was hoping that Bryan Singer would come back to the franchise and this looks awesome.  Seeing Iceman on his ice slide brought me back to the 80's all over again when the x-men were on Saturday mornings.


I think this looks awesome.



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I'll go ahead and post my feelings here: I absolutely enjoyed Days of Future Past! 

Things in particular:

- Quicksilver was absolutely great. He stole the show in every scene he was in. I would watch a whole movie of him.

- It was weird seeing all of the original actors get top billing when some of them were "in the movie" for maybe five or six seconds.

- Continuity? What continuity?

- After credits scene may have made me squee a little bit.

- There really needs to be an X-Men flick not centered around Wolverine. He's cool and all, but he's bordering on Mary Sue territory with him basically being the key to solving every problem. Ever.

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Best X-Men movie to date. I shit you not. Makes me wish I seen it in a theater but I will buy it on Blu-Ray. 

Very much agreed. While I had the noted issues with it, I enjoyed it immensely!

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