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Not direclty PS2,But It does concern us all.Be in The Know!

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 This Video from Tek Syn. explains what is happening with the web and How close your ISP is to restricting the way you communicate. The threat is very real and this subject is worth learning more about.


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That was a really good video, informative and I have been reading into tech related privacy policies and what not. Thank you for posting and its good to let people know about this and hopefully we can protect our privacy.

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The larger issue here is that big business realizes they need to upgrade our infrastructure to accomodate our needs and move forward into the future.  Do you:

A. pay for it out of profit

B. pass on the cost to your consumer

C. give me that government money


A. will never happen, B. is already happening and the money is not being used to our benefit, and C. it's only a matter of time.

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