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Sir Doctor

I am the doctor

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Or at least everyone thinks Im into Doctor Who due to my name. haha

My name is Garrett and I go by Sir Doctor on steam.  I found you guys through the DayZ forums and thought id check it out since Ive never really connected with any other clans. 

I primaily play DayZ standalone(150-200 hours at this point, I believe) and ARMA 3, but I recently got the DayZ mod working and have been giving that a try as well while they continue expanding the SA. 

I live in Southern California and am finishing my engineering degree at Cal Poly Pomona and if I had to pick a couple hobbies Im into aside from gaming, Id say I like working on my car, woodworking projects, and hiking with my g/f. (Damn, I am getting old, arent I?)

I play most weeknights and occasionally on the weekends depending on what plans I have with my g/f since thats when we hang out the most and look forward to hopping onto your server and meeting up ingame.

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Welcome @[member='Sir Doctor'] to the community, I go by DoctorFuz, Doc, Fuz, or Fuzzy. Hope you like it here and don't forget to join our teamspeak.

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Thanks! Ill most likely try hopping onto your TS and seeing who is around when I play DayZ tonight.  Ive got a couple friends Ive made and met up with in game, but Ive mostly played alone and that gets a bit boring since Im not into coast camping/bambi killing.

I currenly play using my arcade cabinet im building as a gaming computer. The joystick and pushbuttons technically work with games like DayZ, but since theres not enough buttons available, I play with my keyboard and mouse.


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