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Titanfall Giveaway Courtsey of Respawn Enterainment and EA

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Many of you know that Titanfall was just released recently and it's had a pretty good launch compared to many games out there. Well now we've got some even better news. We have a few copies of Titanfall to giveaway courtesy of Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts.




Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment have recently released Titanfall and many of you might not know but one of our very own members had a huge part in the release of the game.    Timberock has been a part of this community for almost 2 years thanks to Cruz_5326 who introduced him to us.   But as some of you might have known he also works at Microsoft dealing with the gaming side of Microsoft.


While some people might not think it's a huge deal, =ADK= has had a pretty large impact on how Titanfall was created and released as a game.  You can read THIS ARTICLE which relates to how the Titanfall servers are set up.    And this type of release just goes to show what kind of members this community attracts and why it will continue to grow for years to come.  


In the coming days there will be some Giveaways for FREE Titanfall Codes to over 10 people.   I won't give the exact number yet, but when the game currently costs $60 even 10 copies of the game is a huge treat for the members of this community.    So thank you to Timber for your continued support of the community, and thank you to Respawn and EA for graciously giving us free copies of Titanfall to hand out to our Community!

[url=http://www.adkgamers.com/index.html/_/adknews/communityupdates/titanfall-giveaway-courtsey-of-respawn-enterain-r593]Click here to view the article[/url]

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This game is fantastic. I could not of asked for a better game. The only thing i wish there were was A. Bigger maps, and B. 12 v 12 servers. C. Longer matches. the matches seem to just be getting started, and you get into it, then its suddenly over and you need to get to the evacuation ship or shoot down the evacuation ship. either its a great game all around.


on top of that i definitely would take another copy of this games, becasue I have friends who want the game, but don't have the money.

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Ya. I have it for Xbox One and its probably my favorite games on the Xbox One and definitely worth the $60. I would love to get a copy for the PC which I am on more than my Xbox.

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Thanks =ADK=! Got a message about 20 mins ago... I've just joined up so it's extra awesome!


Found you guys just about a week ago and liked the fact that everyone played the damn objectives in BF4 and didn't bitch too much so I signed up. Stroke of luck!


Thanks again, honestly. You've made my week. :)

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