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Homemade Gaming Snacks Anyone?

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whats up bluedrafter here and im on a quest to find the perfect homemade gaming munchie any help in recipes, instructions, ideas, links, and other helpful information would be greatly appreciated

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Gwokamole,salsa, and organic blue corn chips. The best tasting and healthy, don't forget your sweet tea. Also oreo and milk. Ooooo something else I love a fruit tray. And some cookies, make sure you have some red apples ale that is gooooood

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a snack mix that i have been eating for the past 15 years and is still my favorite. Its good for hiking, walking, going to theme parks, car rides.. and really great for gaming.

you need several things first:


either buy or make your own rice crispy treats. unwrap or let sit out for several hours to kinda 'dry up' a bit.

pull it apart by hand into small bite sized pieces or use a knife and chop up.


honey nut chex

pretzel sticks

goldfish crackers

mixed dried fruit ( or raisins )

and preferred M&M variety ( i like the peanut butter type)

cashews or peanuts

macadamian nuts 


take a big bowl, or 2 really big bowls, mix all, yes all, of these, empty the boxes or bags. use your hands and mix.. then divide into baggies 


its not healthy by any stretch of the imagination.. but its a nice snack mix

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After a long evening of work and getting home and getting the munchies, I ended up making the most nonhealthy snack that was so amazing... I had 11. Take graham crackers, break in half and smother with frosting. Make a sandwich and consume. I used chocolate frosting (not a favorite of mine but it was leftover from my daughter's birthday) and you wash all of that down with a nice cold glass of milk. Boom. Diabetes central.

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One brick cream cheese
one bag of texmex shredded cheese
One jar of salsa
Half container sour cream

Shove in bowl, mix by hand or use mixer.

Pair with chips, nachos, in tacos, anything.

Devour, get fat, maximum gaming power acquired.

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Go to the nearest 7-11 get nachos with alot of chili and cheese. lol no need to make anything.


Now if you want healthier


Alton Brown from foodnetwork has a granola bar recipe that is really good I make them on occasion my kids absoloutley HATE them ;) so I obviously Love them.


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