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Hello, my name is Deiselx009, AKA The Doctor, and I am an addict

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Hello, my name is Deiselx009, AKA The Doctor, and I am an addict. Well a little about me...It all started with the Atari 2600 and Joust...Ha! I will not bore you going that far back. However, I have been a gamer all my life. Atari, Nintendo, Sega, Turbo Graphics 16 (yes, look it up), SNES, PS1, 2, XBOX, 360, and PC. I would say that I tend to play RPGs and Shooters, although I have dabbled in MMOs like WoW, Galaxies, and Asherons Call 1 and 2.


For about 5 years I have played with a clan in shooters, mostly in the COD series, the clan was a culmination of real life friends that I met while in the military so we still play together to keep in touch, however COD is all they play. I started reading up on Dayz SA when I first learned of the Dayz Mod. So I am just now coming into the Dayz world right into the alpha of the SA. I am here because I am looking for a group to play with because, lets face it, in Dayz, you better be rolling deep. It is a cut throat world in there from what I have gathered. I tend to throw the friendly flag, even though it has led to many deaths, but the few who have held their fire in response, has led to good gaming experiences.


On the professional end, I am a college professor, I teach Biomedical Engineering Technology and Electronics Engineering Technology. I have an Associates in Biomedical Technology and a Bachelors in Electronics Engineering Technology. I plan on attaining my masters and eventually my Ph.D.. I am 36 and still have lots of gaming life ahead of me. Currently single (Like that was a suprise) but only because I havent met the one for me.


Well that is a little about me, if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask, I will go ahead and answer one popular one...


The Doctor?...Doctor Who? 


Hope to meet and speak with many of you, and hope to play with some Dayz'ers!


Good Gaming!



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Welcome to =ADK=, @[member='Dieselx009']
That is ... very interesting backstory you have there. I always liked the old systems (I play on emulators on my tablet some old-school PS1 games, including Tombi and Spyro).
Glad you decided to visit us and hope you will like it there!

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