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Introduction Thread

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Hey peoples,

I am a 26 year old dude who plays DayZ and has been enjoying my time with ya'll in your TS server. I am a music producer, video artist, and a biochemist. I am currently trying to get a better job and enjoy my time as a man child. I live in the Hampton Roads, VA area of the USA and I like to kill zombies and party!



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wow! A zombie killing, music producing, video artist, biochemist! What a combination! You sound like a very busy man! Anyways, 
Welcome to the ADK forums! Like Brett said, i too would like to see some of your work if thats not a problem for you! :) i like to think i am a lover of music of all genres and my favorite songs come from artists who never quite make the spotlight of popularity. 

Anyways, Good luck surviving the zombie apocalypse!

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Here is my soundcloud. Not much up there and nothing recent. Mostly I've been doing this live noise music thing with a friend with mostly improvised sets and dont have anything online. I mostly have been doing live video work and projection mapping stuff.



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