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Hello ADK

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Hi, I'm Soru Roku, and I've been interested in Joining ADK for a while. I'm 20, and I currently live in southern New Jersey. I play mostly RPGs, MMOs, and First person Shooters, but I tend to play other games as well, such as Minecraft, Terraria, Starbound, Age of Empires, Etc.


I am open to try any games people suggest, and I prefer to play with groups rather than playing solo.


You can find me on the teamspeak server or you can also send a friend request to my Steam profile, Soru Roku (Demopan).

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Hey mate welcome to the adk forums!

You must be a good guy if you love age of empires ;) I play AOE3 online as much as i can, but i just purchased AOE2 HD edition and that has got quite the backing behind it. AOE games are just amazingly made, its a shame Ensemble Studios shut down. They truly knew how to make amazing strategy games with amazing story mode and multiplayer.

anyways, its great to finally see you've signed up to the forums and i hope to see you in game soon!


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