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Well, here I am! 


Guess i should say something about myself :S

Im 19, and live in SoCal; which is pretty self explanatory. I do a ludicrous amount of computer gaming along side my GFX and minor scripting in c#.


First caught wind of ADK thanks to Planetside after playing a few hours with platoon they commanded; figured I'd check em out and as it turns out almost every major game i play is a part of the community. So I think I'll stick around for a bit and see what happens yonder, get involved, that kinda junk :3




-Edit- Also figured I'd mention that I livestream and am starting some uploads to youtube and the such. None of which have gotten off the ground; but its as much a part of me as any of my other hobbies :P

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Hey "AT', Do you have a name or do you just go by your gammertag? I'd like to welcome to the site and I hope to see your app in the future! If you ever decide to play bf4, take the time to join us in the TS! You'll love the guys up here we have tons of fun up here! I dont play ps2 anymore but I just might try it again sooner or later. Well theres not much else i cant think to say atm besides if you need help just look for my tag in bf4 TS. p.s. i cant spell for crap HA!

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Welcome to =ADK=, @[member='Atmos']
I do C# too alongside with Java, maybe I can send you some examples if you want (?).
Anyway, good to hear you were having fun with members of our community.
Would you mind posting the link of your LiveStream? Some members might want to check it out ;)
Glad you decided to visit us and hope you will like it there!

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Thanks for such a warm welcome!

I go by Atmos, or Dave, which ever you prefer. Also my stream would be out at twitch, "Twitch.tv/kt_atmos" I've done mainly so far some goofing around on Dota 2, and some play through's with my Oculus Rift, as well as adventures in DayZ. Gonna be upgrading my Twitch account to get rid of that lowly bit rate it has me locked at for the moment :3

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