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Is the xbox one really worth it

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I personally hate consoles. Here's why:

  • Cost, with the $500 you are spending on a console you can build an OK gaming machine that is capable of a lot more than the Xbox one
  • Upgradability, the Xbox one can't be upgraded when better technology comes out, with a PC you can upgrade anything whenever.
  • Freedom, there aren't stupid moderators on PC like there is on Xbox live.

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depends what you going to use your xbox for. The only real problem I have  is that alot of ppl(friends) still dont have it yet. So you dont get to play with all your friends. 

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I have an awesome PC, PS4, Xbox 1, X360, and PS3.


PC - Obviously MMOs, Strategy games, games with great mod support.

Xbox 1 - Killer Instinct was very fun, Forza is great as always.  Titanfall is just phenomenal. Xbox Live is still better than PSN.

PS4 - Honestly, it was a bad day 1 purchase for me...now it does have potential and I like to see how MLB the Show and ESO will do on this.

Xbox 360 - Still keep it around for the amount of games I have for it plus the fact I have GTA V for it.

PS3 - Obviously Playstation Plus keeps this alive with free games I would have never thought to buy.


Wii U- More pee yu. Except that Mario Kart 8 looks pretty beast.

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It's simple as this. Hardware wise it's...
PS4 > XB1 > Wii U

Media, social, networking, tv watching its...
XB1 > PS4 >Wii U

Sales wise so you have more multiplayers...
PS4 > Wii U > XB1

Best graphics on cross platform games...
PS4 > XB1 > Wii U

Console exclusive games...
Depends which franchises you like being Halo, Mario, Metal Gear ect.

Take those raw facts and base your opinion on that. My source for my information is I own all 3 consoles, I did my research on them when buying them and vgcharts has sales figures.

There ya go.

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Ya like random hero said it depends on what you are looking for in the matter in games if you want cod bo3 then go with ps4 but for xb1 it gets Battlefront so it depends on what you want.

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