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How to do better in League of Legends

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Step 1: If someone is harassing you or talking negatively in chat or all chat, press and hold "TAB".

Step 2: Press the "mute" button next to their name.

Step 3: Let go of "TAB".

Step 4: Play the game.

Step 5: Repeat Steps 1-4 if step step 1 reoccurs.


And you're done. You will notice an increase in your win/loss ratio with a little bit of practice.


Have fun Summoners!

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A long with practice study champions you are fighting against to learn what they do and you can search for counter champions for each champion. 

- Keep aware of what your enemy lane champion is doing

- Stay moving in the lane to keep from getting hit by skill shots

- Keep getting last hits on minions to get your gold up

- Keep your eyes on the mini-map and the opening to your lane warded to dodge ganks

- Try not to be to aggressive under enemy tower because you think you can get a kill

- Keep your teammates alerted when you do not have sight on your enemy champion in lane

- Know your role while playing

- Try to get town visiting short. Easy way to get behind in your lane. So kind of make good judgement on when to go back and shop.

- Use sites like lolpro.com, lolking.net, and mobafire.com to see strategies for your champion that others have generated.

- Most important thing of all is to not feed

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But if you do choose to feed (because we just know some of you out there use that strategy) have the common courtesy to let people know your intentions by telling them in chat, then refer to the first piece of advice in this thread.

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Good advice! Adding to the hate isn't going to make the situation any better. This happens all the time in my ranked games and is the main reason I'm steering away from the game at the moment.

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Something that I feel like alot of lower Elo players dont know... is how to CS (creep score... inother last hit minions to get the gold).  


Here is a tip....

At some point you will be forced to "Farm" under your tower... you need to know the difference between the differnt types of minions.  

Melee minions are the minions with shields and they walk up close to you to attack you.   Caster minions are the ones that shoot the projectiles. 


To farm under the tower as an ADC you need to know this... 


For the melee creeps it takes 2 tower hits then your AA to kill it (make sure you dont AA the melee first or in between... you need to wait until the tower hits it 2 times before you last hit it... otherwise the tower will kill it. 

For caster creeps it takes 2 AAs and 1 tower hit.... to do this there are 2 different methods.  You can AA the minion... let the tower hit it... then AA it again.  
option 2 is if you have a support, he/she should AA it 1 time... let the tower hit it ... then you AA it to kill it (this helps you ensure your AA is on cooldown for the second AA).  


This is key to a good support knowing when to help the ADC.  

Additional info... typically as a support you will want to help push the first 2-3 waves of minions so your team can hit lvl 2 first giving you a huge surge of power over the other team because you will have 2 skills and they will only have 1.   As the support you should not be last hitting the minions, but you will want to AA a few times to help push the lane faster.  

ALSO.... if you (or you and your supt) gets kills or forces your team out of lane (and you have some wards/health in the event of a gank) push the lane out as fast as you can .... THIS WILL REQUIRE THE SUPPORT TO AA THE MINIONS! ...  this way you can force the tower to kill some of your teams minions thus preventing XP and gold for the other team... 



Hopefully you can understand all that info i was typing after a few cups of coffee and i really like the " ...."

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Map awareness is absolutely key. I can't even count the amount of times I've been yelled at for not having my head on a swivel when it comes to map awareness. Running joke I always say is that I have the map awareness of Lee Sin.



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On average you should be checking for MIAs and looking at your minimap for not only Enemy players but also to ensure that you have proper ward coverage and protection for yourself.  Do this about every 5 seconds or so until it becomes habitual.  

Unnecessary risks are extremely common in lower elos.  You should make every attempt to avoid putting yourself in danger needlessly.  One tip that I use is to make 2 escape plans for each direction that an enemy can engage me from.  The 2nd plan is for in the event that your first plan for escape is cut off by another enemy.  Covering your ass is extremely important.

Also, don't trade kills with the enemy team.  Going 4/3 or 8/5 in lane is not a good score.  You should treat each and every death you face in this game as a mistake that you have made or an unwarranted risk that you have taken.  If you cannot get the kill without risking your own safety then simply don't get the kill.  0/0 is a far better score than 3/3.

Akin to this is yet another tip.  Don't chase enemies.  Sure, there are times where it may be viable but most of the time it isn't.  Especially during teamfights or when vision is low.  If you scare someone out of a teamfight then that is a great thing.  Simply change your focus onto something else.  There are 5 enemies that need to be killed and you simply cannot focus all of your time on the one who is trying to get away.  If he returns, deal with him then.

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