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ZacTheMidget - Finally! a community worth joining.

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Hello everyone my names is Zac and before I get everyone asking, no im not actually a midget. The name was made back in high school when I used to be the smallest in my entire year and since then I have just stuck to the name.


A little bit about me, im 18 years old living in Britain and still living at home with the father (unfortunately haha) but im at college studying public services and IT, I hope when I finish these courses I can go onto either joining the Royal Air Force or the British Army working on Helicopters. My dream job would to be a pilot but I don't have the grades to go straight in as one so I need to work my way up from the bottom but hey at least when I reach my goal the achievement will be all that greater :) Currently I play League of Legends, DayZ SA, Counterstrike: GO and Might & Magic: Duel of Champions but im just waiting to get more games like chivalry medieval warfare.


My reason for wanting to join ADK is because im tired of gaming alone and especially in DayZ I need some people to watch my back, but really I hope I make some new and amazing friends :)


Thanks for taking the time to read this


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First step is to admit you are a midget, not ignoring it........


Thank you for submitting our introduction to our website.  


Hope to see you around, i play BF3-4, we got plenty of people over here that will watch your back.


If there is anything that i can help with please let me know.  

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