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My 8 year old with Nerf Centurion

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So one of my wife's aunts got my 8 year old son a Nerf Centurion for Christmas.  The bullets are huge compared to the normal nerf bullets but the reverse plunger set up it uses makes it crap for modifying and it shoots slow.  However it is a beast to look at and hilarious to see my 8 year old using ...



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I need to get my hands on that... i was surprised how popular nerf guns are in college.

Yeah I didn't go to college but I often hung out with friends that went to UCF and they played a lot of nerf based games.  Honestly though other than it looking awesome I wouldn't recommend it for actual game play.  It shoots slow and jams a lot.  If you want a good gun to mess up your friends go to http://www.orangemodworks.com/ find a gun that they have mod kits for.  I got a Retaliator for $25 from Walmart last Christmas then got the unleashed kit for $12 from Orange Mod Works and it leaves welts at 25-35 feet and shoots over 100 fps.  Another popular one is the Rampage.



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lol .. Nice.  I remember last year (or maybe it was the year before) I got my nephew the Big Blue one, it had a tripod and it was battery powered belt fed LMG.. it was awesome,  A lot bulker then the one you show in the picture but not as long .  when i got my hands on it I felt like I was 10 again feeding nerf darts into my nephew relentlessly while he laughed and ran around the house diving for cover... man .. to be a kid again eh.   we were stuck using our "Imagination"...........



 I think this was the one or something like it but blue.. I forget, he has a lot of Nerf guns.


 and yes the tripod was removable so you could walk around shelling death like a bad ass.



He also got this one same year from his grandma.. fkn spoilt kids these days LOL


The clear cover on the one side was for actually removing jammed bullets .. it was pretty cool  I remember yelling " Its jammed Cover me!!" in the yard .. ended up having no time to deal with it because of the little ones pushing the assault I resorted to whipping out the duel handguns and  barely made it out of that yard alive  xD 



 Nerf sure has come a long way.

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modify it 

Unfortunately no one has destroyed one to design a new air delivery system yet.  The only mod people are doing to it so far is changing out the loader to allow for normal nerf darts instead of the mega ones.  


Also my wife has warned me that if I take it apart and start tinkering with it before my 8 year old is done with it I won't be getting any for a while lol.

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