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Welcome To My Intro

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Ladies and Gentleman, truly appreciate the warm welcome to the community and is a pleasure to Game with each and every one of you.


A little about myself, Colorado Native, I have a family of Wife "The Boss" lol and two great Boys, ten and Six the little boogers, the usual family guy thing, work come home, help out when I can, sometimes Still not Enough said by the Mrs.but try to do the best that I can for what is given to me,  Hobbies included tear down and rebuild computers/laptops hardware and software,  RC Cars, my fastest one I have currently goes up to 64 MPH,  Arcades and Two Pinball machines, to which the Arcade I put together myself, it currently has 3725 games on it.  


As far as some of the requirements I may or may not meet do to FAMILY life and home interactions but will do my best to still provide time in when available, Any questions don't hesitate to give me a holler.


Warm Regards,



2832655241609819689.jpeg?v=1369493600  My Squad, Chuck U Farley, he he.

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@[member='darkelf1']   Hoo-Rah,Thank you for your service, I know Ft Carson, My father put in 20 years active and 13 years Civil service in the Air Force,

now retired and living golden years, :)

Yo Scorpinox......... Where did you been?

I never seen you for a thousand years.............

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