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A Letter To The Battlefield Community

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So to those of you who have been recently playing on any Battlefield 4 Server, I'd like you to read the rest of the article.

Hello Battlefield Community, I'm glad you're taking the time to read this.    As someone who runs successful Battlefield 3 servers and has multiple Battlefield 4 servers I'd like you to take a second to read what is going on. 



If you don't remember way back when, about 2 years ago when Battlefield 3 was released there were the SAME issues that people are experiencing now which are pissing a lot of people off.   You would have thought that certain issues like crashing because of explosives, high ticket counts, large server population (64 players) would have been first on the list for things to NOT do in Battlefield 4.   That's clearly not the case as seen by the multitude of crashes that have been happening.   


Currently server owners have no control over a lot of things like the server crashes which people say "Noob admin" or "fu**ing admin" because the people get ZERO XP.      Server admins, especially the ones here at =ADK= want to provide the best servers, the most enjoyable as well as servers that give the most variety.   When we get limited because of Battlelog issues, server crashes on particular maps, there's only so much we can do.  


Personally I believe =ADK= is one of the first to do what we are doing on our 24/7 Operation Lockers servers to make sure that the Battlefield Community get's the XP that they deserve.    To those of you who are pissed off that the round might end in 4 minutes sometimes, you need to understand that EVERY ROUND otherwise the server would be crashing.    Does the server still crash?  Yes it does unfortunately, but we are doing what we can to help prevent that issue because EA/DICE still have not put out a patch to fix the issue.    Currently as I'm writing this article one of our OL servers has been up for an 1 hour 40 minutes.    Where normally the uptime would only be at say 15 minutes now.    So while some might say "I'M ONLY GETTING 400 XP IN 4 5 MINUTES!!!!"     Ok well take that and multiply that by let's say 10 rounds. . . and you get 4,000 XP, plus multiple conquest ribbons.  Where as if we don't do what we are doing then you will get ZERO XP and then ZERO Ribbons. . 


"Well why not lower the player count"  -  Why be like everyone else when we can do something different?   I've looked many other servers who have lowered the player count and 98% of them aren't full constantly and have large downtimes, where as ours on the other hand have only had small downtimes and are full every other time.     If you can't see here, =ADK= is trying to provide the best experience (XP) possible. . no pun intended. .   Does it suck that rounds are super short sometimes?   Of course it does, but would you rather have a server that crashes and you get ZERO XP, or a server where you have 2 short rounds, 1 longer round and you get all of your XP every round?    I'm certain I'm not the only one who hates having to level up 5 times before you actually get to that level.  


So why not take a step back for a second, and see that we're not being "madmins" we're not being "noob admins" and we're trying to do what's best for the entire battlefield community with the cards that we have been dealt.    We've already had to remove maps from our other servers that cause crashes to make sure that people don't have to go through any crashes. 

[url=http://www.adkgamers.com/index.html/_/adknews/serverupdates/a-letter-to-the-battlefield-community-r586]Click here to view the article[/url]

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lol ... anyways im sorry to hear your cancelling the bf4 server subscription :(  <----- sad face and in all honesty im glad you are cause I hope im not speaking for myself when I say we dont want you spending money you dont need to spend... at least you deffinately dont need to spend money on the servers that are empty 12 hours out of the day as for the others ones in all honesty if they dont fix these problems not you but the people who work on battlelog then i dont see what the point is paying once a month for something that is broken and on top of that if i were you id ask about possibly either a discount on the next payment ( if you decided to continue the servers) or a free month of service especially being a previously dedicated bf3 server buyer :) I hope everyone agrees with me :)

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I guess I have been around too long to quite understand all the vitriolic commentary that has been pointed at the developers of the game. Maybe having spent some time learning code and having seen computers go from mainframes to mini computers to micro computer (the proper name for that whic we call PCs) I am aware of the multi-million lines of code involved just to make the game function on a reference hardware platform. Making this same code work across the astronomical number of variations of hardware, operating systems and networks is a task I would not even begin to imagine. Granted the issues on consoles are a little less tolerable as those platforms tend to be static and known. Still, having watch gaming evolve from text based, through 8-bit graphics, 16-bit graphics, original "consoles" such as Ataris, NES, Xbox, Playstation, Gamecube and so on, I tend towards more tolerance.

I think DICE should be applauded for continuing to push to resolve the issues, and EA for putting all priojects on hold to devote all resources to fixing the numerous issuees we have all been plagued with. Do I get upset at the crashes and hangs? Certainly, but I would rather they had gotten the game out than it languish in the coding rooms, forgotten and malnurished for years with vague promises of release dates that are never met. I have seen too many great games die that way: MechWarriors, Half-Life (anyone heard a release date for Episode 3?) and many others.

So let's put down the pitchforks and torches, cut up the battering rams and play hard with what we have. Should we stop pushing EA and DICE to fix things? Hell no, but I would like to see some official announcement from the developers not greeted with screams of players wanting their money back or bitching about the crashes. They are more than aware of the issues. And as it has been said before, we went through this with BF2, and BF3 which went on to be very stable games once the issues were addressed.


So lets get to playing and keep your heads down or expect a LSAT round through them. :-)

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