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=ADK= VooDoo

You Are Cordially Invited To The Metro Social Kill and Meet Night

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Hello everyone!

I feel that it is extremely import that we at ADK project what we are all about... Community!

Maybe you have been on the side lines thinking about joining ADK or perhaps you just enjoy playing with our members.


The Metro Social Kill and Meet Night!

Join me tonight in BF3 Metro for an all weapons war. I am sure there will be plenty of other ADK BF3 members in there as well and should make for a great time. Don't forget, you can also join us on Team Speak at any given time to enhance your gaming experience. It is also a great place inquire about ADK with other members and allows us to get to know you which is what makes our community so great!  


If you need any assistance with Team Speak, please do not hesitate to ask me or any other ADK member.

We ALL would be more then happy to help you out.


I will be in Metro at 9pm EST sharp! Lets populate, meet, chat, talk shop, and play!






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This would be awesome if it was like a weekly social event or something... We could get new people and we would probably have a great time! I would love to join one of these if they ever pop up again. Now to figure out what guns I am comfortable with...

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