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Wallow Fire

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Well for those who don't watch the news. .

The Wallow fire has the potential to become the biggest fire in the History of Arizona. The biggest being from 2002 which was 468,638 acres. The wallow fire is currently at almost 410,000 acres and it has grown quicker than the Rodeo-Chediski, and only about 5% contained I believe. So it's not looking good right about now.

Myself along with the other people from Arizona are not in any danger. . the only way that we would be in danger is the wind changed directions and it came all the way into the valley, which would probably end up making it like like millions of acres. I don't see that happening anytime soon.

I had a few people ask me about it, and figured I'd post it for those of you who were wondering what exactly was going on with the fire.

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That's pretty intense. Hopefully nobody gets hurt. Although it seems bad right now, wildfires are just part of the cycle of nature. New plants will come back and it will re-fertilize the ground, allowing for the cycle to start back over again.

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I dont know about the rest of you peeps, but it seems the past few years the amount of tragedies and disasters have rapidly increased. I was listening to some older guys have lived in my area for 40ish years saying they have never as long as they lived here seen a tornado like this. Makes you wonder...even with the earthquakes in Japan and Pakistan and then the Gulf Oil leak, Katrina and so many more...

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Well as Switch stated it is a cycle that occurs. You'll have Mr. Gore over there saying it's global warming, but there are many facts that have shown warmer temperatures many years ago than we are dealing with now, along with many other natural disasters. This is what we get for living on something that is constantly changing.

But in terms of forest fires. . can they be prevented completely. . no. . but can you do things to help prevent them. Yes. . . And on the way home tonight I heard on the radio that people wanted to clear out the under growth and the brush. . all the stuff that is a huge fire hazard were stopped by environmentalists. I have no problem with trying to preserve the world. . it's great and all. But we are all still human beings and why can't we do things to protect not only ourselves but the forests as well? So why couldn't we allow loggers to go into the woods and clear some trees out to thin it out and clear the under brush. But then plant some more trees as well like they always do. Now we are facing what is probably going to be the largest fire in the states history, and we could have prevented some of this by clearing out the stuff that feeds the fires.

So while we can't prevent natural disasters. .there are always measures that we can take to limit the effect that they have on us. But if we don't take those certain measures things like this will happen.

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I don't think mother nature has been leaving campfires unattended for a long time. . .

And sure fires are good sometimes. . . farmers even still use the technique today but we're just gonna let fires rage out of control. . killing people and burning down homes. .?

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