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A Good Renekton Build ? plz :)

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hi guys,i just wanted to ask what would u guys build for renekton ? im trying to be a better renekton player (cuz i wuv him) and i would <3 it if you guys could help me out with recommended masteries,items,runes and etc. :) thnx

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LvL 1: Dorans Shield and 1 hp pot

First back: Giants belt or kindlegem or long sword, boots, ward and pot.

Second back: Finish either Sunfire Cape or Spirit Visage, T2 Boots + Health crystal, longsword.

Mid game: Finish Ravenous Hydra and another Giants Belt.

Past 30 Min: Build as tanky as you possibly can.


End build: Sunfire Cape, Ravenous Hydra, Randuins Omen, Spirit Visage, Armor/MR/CD boots, Guardians Angel.


This is as standard as you can get with a tanky top lane build. If you play Shen this works for him as well, Garen is about the same but you trade the Hydra in for a Black Cleaver.


I've been playing since beta and hit plat last season so hit me up if you need anymore help :)

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