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Hello ADK im undead4life253

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hello ADKgaming im undead4life253 I got my name from xbox and its the ign I usually use for all and most games.


I am a xbox gamer but I do pc gaming to games I play on pc are BF3, planet side 3, and minecraft. I do more pc gaming then I do playing xbox (I HATE PLAYING COD TO MUCH BULL S**T IN IT) even though I hate playing cod I still like fast place FPS and whit all the different FPS I have player I have many different play styles, but I manly prefer to rush. when playing planet side I try my best to help the team and adapt to the team needs ex. someone/team needs medics I will switch my class to help out. when I play battlefield I like to rush and PTFO. when I play cod well who PTFO's in cod NO ONE. I have just recently just started playing planet side 2 so im still leaning some thing but I know most of the basics, I am learning how to fly right now. But I do enjoy playing it  is a fun game and I will be playing it a lot


about me:

  • I am 18
  • I live in Washington
  • I am a easy person to get a long whit
  • I play a lot of FPS games mostly cod and battlefield
  • I own 3 minecraft servers.
  • I have a YouTube channel its just starting out
  • I relay don't know what all to say about my self im not that type of person that can just list 200 things about them self

I do enjoy playing whit ADK in planets side 2, BF3 and  I hop to become a full member very soon. thank you for taking you time to read my post and I hope to play with some of you soon.

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Hey undead!  I HAVE seen you on PS2, and you're a great player, I look forward to you getting really familir with PS2- Jeebus, then we'll have yet another really dangerous guy! 


So what class do you like most when team needs don't require you to do something else?  Do you have a favorite vehicle or aircraft, or do you like infcantry more? 


Oh, BTW, don't forget to post a few more times here and then  get the balance of your minimum ten posts in other parts of the forum.  We have an active PS2 forum here on this ADK site, so be sure to check our subforums. (One of the topics is favorite vehicle/aircraft/class etc), so its easy to get your posts up.   


You're just the kind of foo-, er ... person we're looking for, so be sure you also get on our TeamSpeak channels for PS2 if you haven't visited them (not sure if I haven't already seen you there or not).


Look forward to playing with you more, and there's always room for you in one of my units.  You should also possibly consider a Spec Ops assignment.  Feel free to PM me if you need help, or check around on our forum, all sorts of sign posts pointing you towards the center of the vortex! LOL 



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thank you to all whom welcomed me to ADK. @[member='Dimwit'] I don't have a set favorite class, vehicle or aircraft. why I don't is im am still leveling up and leaning the game so I use all the different classes but I mostly use medic and engineer mainly because that what the team mostly needs and I can get good xp form them, and with aircraft im learning how to fly and vehicles I manly use tanks. whit spec ops I don't know to much about them, but the sound like they would be fun so let me know more about them

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Get on Teamspeak and navigate to the PS2 channels.  Find BigLuci, Zargen or Wingus.  Leet them know you might be interested.

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Yay, another PS2 person:D! Get on our ts (ts.adkgamers.com:3796) and get to know us planet side folk! We dont bite... at least i dont :p!

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