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WTF Is going on!

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I swear America is filled with a bunch of over fearful idiots that are completely ignorant about everything in the world. FFS I came across this article and I was like WTF?!


Read this shit and tell me if this isnt fear mongering. Fucking wow.


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the smart phone thing i get. it wouldnt be a bomb that could blow up a building, but it could kill at very least one person (possibly 2 or 3). in other words, killing the right person is all you need, not a full room full. it only takes a very small amount of explosives to do something like that, and even if it doesnt, it will postpone the case anyway. which may be the gateway to something more serious. in any case, it even says right in the article, the main reason is for the judicial system, not from bomb scares. i dont understand why you're so shocked by this article

the walmart thing just doesnt make sense. im calling the cops if i see something...not telling the old man giving out stickers

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those things contain pure oxygen...incredibly flammable.

welcome to the world of information security. you have to think of what a malicious user will do before they do it, and plan ahead. failure to do so leads to vulnerabilities (Adobe)

what's dumb about this article is not that they did it because its a risk. it certainly is. whats dumb is that they think a terrorist will give their life to take down 200 some odd people. 9/11 they killed a couple thousand using only 3 planes (4 if you want to include the 200 some odd casualties from the downed plane). they want just as high of a k/d ratio as we do playing battlefield

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