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Well, Hello there!

My name is Waffle. Nice to meet you. Some of you know me and some of you don't. I want to start doing reviews on some of the games that I play. Just for fun. I expect this to pretty much go no where but I have always wanted to do something like this. The games that I will be covering are ones that sadly I own haha. Although I own a Ps3, 360 and PC. So that covers quite a lot. I will be throwing 3DS games once I get it (Dont want it right now as the launch titles look pooy). The rating system will out of 5 and be based of Gameplay, Sound, Art, Repeatability and Overall Presentation. (BTW, even if no one reads these I am still going to do em ;p)

Gameplay - This is going to mostly about innovative and cleaver use of gameplay. This does not mean fun factor as a game could have really good ideas but blow ass at the overall presentation. Cover things like an interesting use of a cover system in a shooter. Or the item menus. Or something along those lines.

Sound - This is going to be a little tough because most of the time you get sick of the music and tone of games after the first play through. That, though, is where I am going to start my analyses. It will be the first time I play and how the music fit into that playthrough.

Art - Otherwise known as Graphics. Just for clarification. Games DO NOT need to look like Crysis 2 in order to have good graphics :D

Repeatability - Basically that says it all right there haha... How the Multiplayer is or DLC. Things to keep you sticking around and playing it a long time.

Overall - This will be how much I enjoyed it. Things that effect this are bugs and glitches that may disrupt your experience a little. Annoying voice acting or bad writing. Whether or not I felt anything for the characters or were they just there. Things along these lines.

I will try to add videos of such to make it more enjoyable to read as I know people dont like reading. If I can figure out how to record my console on my PC that would be super. But other then that if there are things you think I should be doing differently let me know :) I will try to do more recent stuff, but I only have so many new games haha.

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