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Battlefield 3 - Server Updates 1-22-2013

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Just a little update on the current situation of our BF3 Servers

There is NOTHING that can be done right now.   There are kids out there who pride themselves in buying "hacks" and then taking servers BF3 Servers.   Until EA/DICE puts out a hotfix all server owners will be screwed.    Please do not let us know that servers are going down right now.  We will inform everyone when there has been a hotfix.  



Until then please harass EA/DICE to get it fixed.  




[url=http://www.adkgamers.com/index.html/_/adknews/serverupdates/battlefield-3-server-updates-1-22-2013-r492]Click here to view the article[/url]

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Well that means we are OFF-DUTY YAAAAAAY!  LOL, well I just started back at work last night so i guess not.  But in all honesty I would be more than happy to help populate as long as our servers don't crash another 20 times lol.  

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Their moderators were out in full swing trying to stop people from talking about it.  I had 3 threads closed on me for 'naming and shaming' when that wasn't the case at all.




Finally got a response in these:




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Agreed, harass EA/Dice to get it fixed. Its a horrible desgn scheme that EA has put the BF3 server apps in. Instead of a central controling "mega server" each is leased out to various ISP/hosting partners. This open the servers to not only locally targeted hack, but attacks from around the world. A central mega server is far more secure due to the geographic data restrictions.

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