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Swiftsweap coming in strong.

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Greetings everyone at ADK my name is Will or Swiftsweap! I have been playing video games ever since the Nintendo 64, and have in the past year moved solely to PC gaming. I currently am home schooled so I have a bunch of time to game with fellow ADK members! I will be playing but also recording a ton of stuff and hopefully will make myself known one day soon. I am looking for some friends that are on quite often to play and to produce content with so if you are interested message me on any of my ways to contact me! Thanks and see you on the Battefield!




Contact Info


Email: swiftsweap@gmail.com

YouTube: ThatProSwiftsweap

Skype: Swiftsweap

Twitter: @Swiftsweap

Steam: Swiftsweap

Origin: Swiftsweap

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Welcome to ADK !

You will find a lot of friends here as there are a lot of nice people around. Join TS you will see

Don't hesitate to post your videos in the right section of the forum. You will have some nice comments



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