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Ebonyheart, reporting for duty.

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I am married with three children, three dogs, and a mortgage. My wife makes sure that I don't forget that there is a life outside of the computer screen and my kids challenge the memory of my education with homework questions. But I wouldn't trade em for less than a whole lot of certs...I mean I wouldn't trade them!

I have spent the last two years doing plumbing/you name it maintenance in corporate buildings. Prior to that I worked 10 years mostly as a traveling pipe fitter with the bulk of that time working maintenance on the Alaska Pipeline. I spent 13 years in the Army Reserves, first as an Infantryman and the last half as Artillery. I was a drill Sgt and training NCO under both MOS. and. I didn't reenlist after that as that is when I started traveling for work.

My gaming experience began with Dungeons&Dragons, back when MMO's were just M for multi-player. The massive part was ideally 5-6 (more often 2-3) people.The online was between the blue lines of notebook paper and around the green squares of graph paper. The RPG part was the same though!  B) I grew up with gaming systems and computers, literally. I played space invaders on the original Atari 2600 and text games on the Commodore Vic 20; always looking for something that resembled D&D. A friend of mine got an Apple IIe with Wizardry on it and I played it all night at a sleep over after he went to bed about 10pm. His mom found me at it the next morning (still playing from the day before) and sent me home. I could barely see from the lack of sleep and images burned into my retinas. I had a blast.

I went to college in the mid 1990's and a friend introduced me to "The Realm" by Sierra, a 2D turn based MMORPG that firmly set the hook (probably for life) for online gaming. Everquest, Dark Age of Camelot, Planetside, World of Warcraft, LOTRO and Guild Wars 2 are probably the top games that I spent the majority of my time in, but I tried a great deal more. Most of it with one guild that I joined in EQ and we moved from game to game over several years. I helped start a guild and go from 10 scrubs to 40 raiders in a server top 10 guild in original WoW but through expansions and attrition it gave out. I have played some in every expansion since and had a fair time but I am a team player and just couldn't get into it or GW2 without a group of people around me working towards common goals. 

I hit lvl 80 and had exotics in all slots in GW2. The few friends I had played with had long since quit, so I began to look for new battles to fight, lands to conquer and that lead me to Planetside 2.

I have only been back to the Planetside series for three days now but by far the best of that has been in the times I was lucky enough to be in ADK squads/platoons. 

If anyone actually fought through this long boring read I deeply appologize  :unsure:

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