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Wow. . .

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Further supports my theory that liberals are socialists. Please note I did not say "all democrats are socialists" because not all democrats are liberals. In fact, only 20% of Americans identify themselves as "liberal".

America's political makeup:

~40% moderate

~40% conservative

~20% liberal

Unfortunately, the media is controlled by liberals (even with the existence of Fox News, controlled by conservatives). So that's a small minority of political ideologies controlling the information and news that gets to Americans. THAT is why you should not get your news from any American outlet.

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Jiz man. its more like

- 5% is Crazy Conspiracists.

- 20% is Conservative

- 50% is Libral

- 25% is Moderate.

or mayb thats just here in NY.. Fucking EVERYWHERE. I just want to punch people in the face. You mention you watch Fox News and all of a sudden EVERYTHING you say is thrown out the window. Even if you mention shit from CNN. Oh and if you mention BBC News or Al Jezeera (which i look at sometimes) then your just a terrorist/anti-american bastard.

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Ah, the wonderful world of politics. Let's ignore what the people actually need and give them what we think they want.

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