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Need advice for hardware upgrades

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[quote name='Stancide' timestamp='1355612812' post='59934']

This is it.

Still not a fan of the -V for overclocking, it doesn't have the best power phasing for voltage control. It isn't the worst you could pick, but it's not nearly the middle of the road, either.

The LE is the cheapest I'd go...if you do want to overclock safely.


double edit: And at 129 with free shipping, is a good price. Edited by s0ck37

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$750 is the max. I'm not going for extreme over clocking, just every thing slightly turned up. I might not end up over clocking at all, depending on how well this build holds up for future gaming. My CPU and GPU are already way ahead of the game for at least a year and a half to come.

Lets see what everyone can come up with for $750 or less making the best possible gaming rig not including these parts: keyboard, mouse, storage and optical.

Get the most out of every hardware to the dollar and the most future proof.

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