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So I said it in the other thread and I'll say it again with pictures. If you don't believe that staying positive will help you win the game, please go pull your head from your rear end to make you realize how naive you are.

This Gentlemen, GarkoUnlimited was trolling the graves because he kept going b to buy more things, which I had no issue. Graves was getting mad, long story short they were going back and forth. Besides all the positive comments about the game that I was giving, I was telling them to chill out that we've got the game. Even when there were times of us having a bad fight or being down in kills especially early game.

Take a look at what he said afterwards.


And then I closed out of the lobby and saw this:


I closed that and then a few seconds later got another "friendly"

So this is indeed proof that people appreciate you being positive and that it does work for the team in the long run. Even if you think you have a bad team comp or one bad player you need to stay positive. I've got another story from way back when, when we tried to play ranked games and some of us only knew how to play 1 or 2 champs, had a horrible team comp and still won.

So TL;DR - Tell the negative nancys on your team to shut up, and play the game because you will win. Tell them to stop arguing, etc, etc. . .

Now go out there and kick some butt!

(Oh and this build is with the 1.5 GP10 and 24 gold per assist/kill masteries. It's definitely an ugly looking mastery tree but it's seemed to work the past 2 games so far. Although I have to say my mastery tree is definitely ugly looking. 0/19/11 )

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lol I only have 22 friendlies. and 6 helpfuls. But I have over 80 teamworks. Generally I dont say anything positive or negative

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If absolutely nothing else, stay positive and don't be a twat just for your own sake. An angry player plays badly. They make rash decisions, they do things on a knee-jerk reaction, and they will actively go out of their way to scorn you, even if it's just by grabbing one more creep way before joining in mid, giving the enemy time to respawn and shutting down your push attempt. An angry player is a stupid player, so even just calling somebody bad can throw an otherwise mediocre player who lost their lane into a full on liability, worse than a 4v5 sometimes. LoL is a team game, no matter how much we hate it sometimes, and that means you need your teammates working with you, not against you. Not surprisingly, "this graves" "noob" "gg sona fed" "no ganks from jungle gg" and other such little phrases will, if absolutely nothing else, make your teammate not want to help you in upcoming situations. Is telling the enemy team that your jungler sucks worth losing the game over?

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