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Who says GP5 doesn't work? I really wish they would put a ward counter next to the minion kills. I had 3 gp5 items for most of the game. The 2 that you see there, plus a heart of gold that I ended up building into the Omen for slightly more survivability since I'm pretty squishy if they get on top of me.

Also had gp5 in my runes. So it definitely pays off!


And to those of you looking to play ranked games, you HAVE to be prepared for rude and disrespectful aholes. BUT as the tips say, the people that cuss and are negative towards their fellow summoners tend to lose more games. It's true. This game proves it. This game was a little rough early on, we were down 0 - 7 before we got our first kill and we stayed positive and nobody blamed anybody.

Most games that I have played in my 22 ranked games so far there would have been people raging.

So stay positive! And on a side note, we played a ranked 5's earlier as a team. Jiz, Moonin, Johnny, Wraith and myself. And won that game. Partly because wraith raped as darius, and then we worked as a team and stayed positive.

Those are my words of advice, now go have fun and encourage your team to stay positive!

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[quote name='Hoole' timestamp='1354385889' post='57374']
Yeah, I tried to play her for a little last night using recommended builds....still cant do it.

What builds did you use? And how were you playing? Have to be very defensive almost

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If you want to do a full GP5 build, yes runes and items help, but masteries would have to be in [b]Defense [/b]and [b]Utility[/b]. Get the gold ones. Look at the ones where it gives gold per assists/kills. You have to see if that is better than the one for gold every 10secs. I don't have the exact skill tree but you can look for yourself.

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Yea look into the gold per assist/kills. Especially if you are a support and have good AOE support, you'll get an assist. Helps a lot. Other day as mundo, got 18k, next one on my team was carry got 17/5/x got only 16k. Other team got about 14-15k.

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