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Hell Let Loose - 2023 Roadmap


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A Message From The Studio

We’re so pleased to announce our ambitious 2023 roadmap for Hell Let Loose! We can’t wait for fans to jump in and play U13.5 on April 5th, as well as all the exciting updates we have planned this year. It’s been an awesome start to the year as we’ve built this new studio, defined the 2023 roadmap, and announced our plans to support the title for years to come.

With each update this year, we’ll focus on improving quality of life along with updating and polishing the amazing content already in the game. As a gift to the players joining us on this adventure we’ll be offering free DLC with each major update to coincide with some amazing new premium items throughout the year.

We understand the importance of getting new players up to speed quickly so they can enjoy frontline battles with our veteran players and contribute to the squad-based experience Hell Let Loose is known for. We’re dedicated to bringing a robust onboarding system to players starting in July with continued support in each update going forward. We want everyone to have an exciting and immersive experience in the game and hope this new system will go a long way to support that.

The teams are hard at work refining the two new game modes coming in July and December, along with the anticipated Finnish Winter War and Danzig Post Office battles, which kick off our new one year of war content for each game calendar year. Starting this year, we'll cover 1939, then move into 1940 next year, and continue until the end of the conflict in 1945.

We’re steadfast in delivering this exciting 2023 roadmap to players and will be transparent with the community regarding any changes if and when they surface. We’ll have more to share about the new studio in the coming weeks, but in the meantime, we’d like to answer some of your questions about the 2023 roadmap and hear any suggestions you might have for our new Hell Let Loose merchandise store. We want to offer compelling items players will be excited to wear and use, so feel free to send us your input and leave your questions below to be answered in a future dev brief.

Thank you to all our veteran players and welcome to any new players just discovering Hell Let Loose. We appreciate you and want to support your love of the game!




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