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PH levels and Cancer (Health info)

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I was having a discussion with a guy who works in my department one day, since he's older and seems to know the secrets and shortcuts to everything in life. You know, one of those people who did everything in life already and knows everything cool and important about everything, but also wants to share it with people so they can life happier and better lives too.

So we get into a discussion on daily and long-term health, and the topic shifts to cancer. Cancer is in both sides of my family, both fairly close, and very far out. Many occurances of it are in those family trees, so naturally I heated up the discussion and he told me something extremely interesting. I've never ever heard this before, and it saddens me because so many people lose their life to cancer yearly, not knowing about this.

The short version, cancer cannot reproduce, and will die off if your body is in an alkaline state. You know those little PH strips you pee on. That's what I'm talking about. Acids and bases.

Here's a quote from a PDF I found online when looking for some substantial evidence. Hopefully I can find some more to add in from other concrete sources.


Alkaline Diet & Cancer

Alkaline Minerals Prevent Cancer GrowthIn March 2009' date=' Robey, Baggett, Kirkpatrick et al

published a paper in the American Association for Cancer Research Journal proving that alkaline

minerals (in this case NaHCO3 – sodium bicarbonate) that raise the extra cellular pH of cancer

tumor cells and prevent metastasis. Their research shows that the pH of the tumors are always

acidic and by using highly alkaline minerals to raise the pH – the growth of the cancer (and

involvement of lymph nodes) is prevented.

Source: Cancer Research 69, 2260, March 15, 2009 Cancer Thrives in an Acidic Environment Also in Cancer Research Journal, in 2006, Gatenby,

Gawlinski et al researched and discovered that “chronic exposure of normal tissue to an acidic

microenvironment produces toxicity by: (a) normal cell death… and (:) extra cellular matrix

degradation”. They proffer that glucose imbalance (an acid lifestyle) leads to a chronically acidic

microenvironment (the normal cells and molecules that surround a tumor cell) which provides

the perfect base for cancer.

Source: Cancer Research 66, 5216-5223, May 15, 2006[/quote']

So basically, if you pee on a PH strip and it measures 7.5ish or whatever, then you can theoretically prevent cancer from starting in your system. If you boost your PH to 8.0+, then you can cause the cancer to die.

Again, I really don't know if this is 100% true, but it would not surprise me. Ever since I got into being healthier in terms of mind and body, I keep finding things where modern medicine simply "covers up" problems, where traditional medicine actually resolves the issue. Example, painkillers don't make the pain causing problem actually go away, such as recurring headaches due to gastrointestinal problems. Advil makes the inflammation and heat reduce to a bearable level, but it does not stop the headaches at the source. There's times when modern medicine rocks, and things like surgeries, joint replacements, organ donation are great.

But you see what I'm getting at, I hope. I've really only been looking at health resources for a month or two and I've found a ton of stuff about reducing stress, gaining a higher average energy level, fighting X disease, etc. Usually these things are just from eating more of Y food, or taking Z natural supplement (or eating more of the food that provides it),

I'm just sharing this in the hopes that other people who aren't as into healthy lifestyles as I am can also be aware of things that can help cure or prevent the looming darkness that is cancer.

Also, you don't necessarily have to do a diet makeover to balance your PH levels. You can get some supplements that you take daily to boost your PH to the 7.5 level easily. Tasteless little capsules is all you need, but you could take it to the next level and/or just start eating healthier in general.

Anyways, this seems like a pretty important topic to me, due to the amount of cancer in my family, and the best way to solve a problem is to prevent it in the first place. Again, I'm not 100% sure that you can kill off cancer from being alkaline, but I'm pretty sure it's true. Just posting this to enlighten people here about the massive benefits of PH balance, plus the research of PH balance affecting cancer.

I probably wrote the same thing 50 times since I went back and edited it a couple of times over in different places.

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wow, that's a lot bro. I'm so sorry.

Lol nothing to be sorry about. :) Life is life. But using history as your guide, you can prevent or solve many problems in your own or others' lives. Just need the motivation to stick with it for decades, though.

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Hi Switch, You are kinda on the right track. As you may know my Daughter has Cancer, The type of Cancer is a Sarcoma. Of the 50 some odd Sarcoma's that there is, She has the Highest level or grade you can get. Usually 6 months or less once diagnosed.

I need to give you some background: My wife was a Nurse for 25 yrs, I have worked in 3 different hospitals, The last Hospital I worked in was UCD Medical center Sacramento Calif, Surgery Towers..

O.K. Fast forward to 2005, I was building Our new house by myself from the ground up, I started having problems doing even the simplest of tasks . One Morning after I showered I looked in the mirror, And to my Horror I couldn't see ANY of my Veins Anywhere on my body. Went to the Dr had blood work done including a Rheumatoid screen. Dr calls me once he gets test results back, He tells me I have Rheumatoid Arthritis, And not just Rheumatoid Arthritis but SEVERE!! to the point where my Rheumatoid Factor was completely off the charts, With a score of 1710. Most people have a score of 200s-400s the Dr had never seen anyone with such a high score. I couldn't walk like normal, I couldn't hold a coffee cup with one hand, it took both hands. Sitting at the Computer was Not even a possibility .

My Dr wanted to put me on "Methotrexate" A CANCER Drug!! I Refused ! I went on an elimination diet, AND Requested "Minocycline" Minocycline is an Antibiotic most commonly used for teenagers with Bad acne(very safe). O.K. back to the story, I Only ate Fruits low in sugar and Vegetables mostly raw. I went ALKALINE!! and over the course of ten months, Brought my RF down to the 300 range. And got my Life back! You have to understand, when I say I couldn't Walk right, I mean I shuffled like an Old man..I have since then been able to resume my house and finish it.

Let's get down to the good stuff, My wife and I Firmly believe that I/we changed the "State of the cells" in my body, And we proved to my Dr that Rheumatoid Arthritis IS Infectious Based, He now has over 100 people on Minocycline for RA. He had NEVER used an Antibiotic to treat Rheumatoid Arthritis, Or seen Anyone recover as I did.. I had Full joint involvement, from my toes to my neck and ears(yes small bones in the ear).

Now Cancer and RA are related in my book, They both Thrive in an Acidic environment when the immune system is broke down!

We have a friend that had Stage 4 Cancer of the Liver, had been through Chemo and ALL the Harmful BullShit!! Was going to Die, He went alternative, it's been over 5 yrs, He is still Alive and No signs of Cancer..

We will be doing the same IF the Dr's Keep looking in the wrong place and Fucking up..and treating the symptoms NOT THE DISEASE!!

CESIUM CHLORIDE is what our friend used, it Alkalized his body to the extreme and actually put him in the hospital for depleting his minerals . He used it wrong, But it worked anyway!!

Look up Cesium Chloride, as far as being alkaline it is second only to potassium I think?? We will only use this as a last resort, We believe this will change the "State of the cells" and that's what needs to happen with our Daughter.. If you need more info please pm me , or just post here..


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Hi Switch, You are kinda on the right track. As you may know my Daughter has Cancer, The type of Cancer is a Sarcoma. Of the 50 some odd Sarcoma's that there is, She has the Highest level or grade you can get. Usually 6 months or less once diagnosed.

I need to give you some background....


That's awesome to know that it works based on someone's personal experience. Because of all of my problems, just like you, I got tired of "well there's nothing we can do". Traditional medicine, based on healthy and balanced lifestyles and diets, is 10000x more powerful than people think. Personally I just started using a daily vitamin/mineral/whole food concentrate, as well as VAXA PH BUFFER capsules. After starting both of those, I feel hundreds of times better. Coming home from work no longer results in me sitting around doing nothing, hoping energy comes back to me and I can get something done before bed. Now I go out and continue my workout plan of 30 minutes jogging right after work. Plus I feel a lot more stress free.

I'd check out those VAXA products and see if they work for you. They contain fairly safe stuff like amino acids, peptides, aloe vera, etc. (More Info)

As for your daughter, I hope things work out. Now that you have the knowledge and experience of traditional medicine, you won't be sitting there hoping that chemo does something beneficial. Also, something I stumbled across while searching bout this PH stuff. A study showed that 1/3 of cancer patients lost their fight because of malnutrition, since the body is at full-on war during those times. They didn't have enough nutritional intake to keep going.

Again, I hope that fight tips back in your daughter's favor.

EDIT: My mom has always been big into alternative health practices, and often reads about traditional Chinese medicine. This involves Yin and Yang, or balance of two extremes. Think Acid & Alkaloid. They use a lot of herbal remedies and acupuncture for curing diseases and problems. Just throwing that out there in case you feel the need to travel down that path. I know hardly anything about it, but the practice being around for several hundred, maybe thousand years really does hold some weight.

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