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I leave for 4 years and this is what I come home to?

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As someone who used to be a Star Citizen admin I'm saddened to see this section in this state. I left for personal reasons but I'm back now and ready to do my part.

We need a revival.



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@Dimwit These other guys still active?

I'm still a Vice Admiral, technically, so I'm making an SOS


--- @Silver

--- @RuinyourDay

--- @loopup2u

--- @Kraven213

--- @DecoyDrone

--- @Landomatic



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I can say all of these people are still alive, and I have at various times either seen them here on discord, received messages from them on Steam, or discord, or have other truck with them.  I can say with no certainty whether any of them are still active in an ADK manner, although I can certainly tell you that some or most, are not.   


I would add that the most efficient and effective way to troll for anyone who is likely to be looking or likely to be found, is on Discord in one of the channels that makes the most sense for a SC outreach...  Perhaps send me a pm here as to when and where you might be on voice there and we can make far shorter work of this.  ~Dim  

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I am alive and well, Irish. Haven’t been active in ADK much necessarily as there appeared to be some schism awhile back. Good to see interest in SC however. ;)

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Not a bad minor call-to-arms then.

In the next few months I hope to at least gather you nitwits for some SC play then. And of course some EFT now that I've seen what it is. Jeez!

Good to see hear from you @Landomatic . I'll be sure to get your STEAM ID and Discorse information once I'm back on my non-workstation pc.


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