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Our New Open World MMO in Development. Wild Terra 2: New Lands.

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Hello guys! My name is Javi, I'am part of Juvty World Development team. I'm making this post to tell the people all the cool things we are adding to our game in the last month since the pre-alpha stage release on December and share our game to gain a place in the gaming community.

Wild Terra 2 Online: New Lands is a sandbox mmorpg that unfolds in a medieval world with natural elements typical of a life simulator controlled by players. This game has innovative features and very striking graphic designs that create a unique immersion and adventure spirit!

In the game you start play as a man or woman who has to survive in the wild nature, surrounded by animals that you have to hunt and use their skins to wear your clothes and items provided by the environment to build tools, and primitive weapons as well as founding your first settlement.

You can do a lot of activities to move forward in the game and evolve like: Mining, construction, husbandry, cooking, fishing, smithing and more. Also you can capture a territory to star to build your base and fill it with, campfires, build different kind of houses a lof of structures for processing of diferent material and crafting and even castle bases in the future.
The game has change of seasons and weather. Calculation of the position of the sun and moon, lunar cycle. Clear weather, cloudy, fog, rain, snow, and storm with thunderstorms. The wind and movement of the characters affect the grass. The seasons affects it's not only graphics, it will directly impact the game, there may be forest fires, and youmust have to be careful in case of thunderstorms, not wear iron weapons or a lightning can hit you. For fishing you you could have more luck on a clear day.

Here is a video to that shows the house building, material processing and finishng.




Everyone will find an occupation and be whatever you want: world explorer, a fisherman, hunter, craft different armors and weapos for your team, home decorating, fights on raids, dungeons, castle sieges and control of territory, combat system with melee and ranged attacks, defense and a variety of skills.



In the last week we have been working on the Mainland, and we continue to improve the Starting Island.

The Graveyard territory has been completely redesigned (red zone in the screenshot), Abandoned sawmill (yellow zone), Mines (orange zone), and access to the sea for building ships will also be added. It will be possible to build your dominium in the green zone.



The Graveyard


The next testing phase will begin on February 20! Support us here:


Steam Wishlist:


Have a question, or just want to chat with developers and those who are already playing? Welcome to Discord:


Thanks so much for reading guys! I would like to read your thouhgs.

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Hello guys! I update with the advances of Wild Terra 2 Online: New Lands in the lastest months. For a game that started from scratch at the beginning of this year 2020, without investors, but more than the support of its players we have been able to make great progress on the development. Here I inform you about what will be available from the alpha tests, which have already started




OYotf4d.jpgWhat has

What has already been done in the game and will be available at this stage?

- Starting island and Continent with unique locations: forests, cemetery, abandoned mines, church, an old sawmill, and others.

- A new continent has been added to the game in addition to the home island, where you will find the swamps, where you can test your skills against new creatures.

- Construction of houses and other structures for survival and production.

- New structures have been added, such as hand mills, mortars and much more.

- A lot of materials for a variety of crafting (tools, equipment from hides, leather, metals, etc.).

- Apple trees and wild cereals have appeared, also new recipes available.

- Experience x3.

- Over 70 quests (tutorial, construction, hunting, cooking, crafting items, etc.).

- The behavior of animals and monsters in the Cemetery and the Abandoned Church dungeon has been improved. to make it easier the hunt mechanics.

- 16 animals and monsters for hunting, including bosses.

- PvP and PvE. Fight against other players and team up to fight bosses.

- Fishing, mounts and pets.

- Change of daytime, weather and seasons.

The game is being made thanks to the support of the community, without investors or publishers. We will make the game exactly as we and the community wish. Thanks to everyone who supports the project and takes part in testing. Thanks for reading, with your feedback we were able to identify many things that we need to improve and develop.

New gameplay video: Swam creatures. Alpha testing:


The game is being made thanks to the support of the community, without investors or publishers. We will make the game exactly as we and the community wish. Thanks to everyone who supports the project and takes part in testing. Thanks to your feedback, we were able to identify many things that we need to improve and develop. Also, we will significantly speed up your gained experience on the next test.

Dates of upcoming tests:

from March 13 to March 17 the second stage of Alpha.

from March 27 to March 31 the third stage of Alpha.

Dates for the next steps will be announced later.

Thanks so much for reading. Support development if u liked the game.


Join our Discord to chat with us and watch more info about our game.


Thanks so much for reading.

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2nd stage of Alpha has alredy begun on Wild Terra 2. We added a new solo dungeon to the game, a labyrinth with many corridors and the main room. Now you can go to a dungeon alone. A dungeon always has a master, and you can invite a group of players to your dungeon if you are the leader.

Rate x3 on Gathering and experience. There is opportunity to skip the initial tutorial missions, and on the coasts, there are ships to travel between Starting Island and the main Continent. New monsters have been added: large and small Stone Golems, as well as the boss - three huge Stone Guards with different types of attacks.




By purchasing a Wild Terra 2 pack, in addition to access to testing, coolest mounts and other rewards, you get access to closed channels and voting on Discord, which directly affects the development of the game. In our cozy chat, you can chat with developers and other players who supported the project, propose a new idea and discuss existing ones. Access to closed chats is also available to invited friends.

We got a lot of ideas to improve the game. Vote on Discord for the options that you most want to see in the near future: Exotic recipes giving a large amount of experience and high-quality results, but requiring rare ingredients from dangerous places and dungeons. 

Join us on Discord: 


1. Level up of pets with characteristics update and bonus effects for a pet owner.
2. Passive combat and peaceful abilities that unlock at certain skill levels.
3. Additional bonuses that depend on the skill level.
4. Display of fuel and recipes in production structures.
5. Updated fishing interface, new types of fish and places for fishing.
6. Updated chat: channel tabs, hiding chat on the screen, etc.
7. Sorting items in inventory and containers.
8. Favorite recipes in a separate tab, and navigation on materials in recipes.
9. Highlighting new abilities, new items in inventory, new unlocked recipes in the craft book.
10. Comparison of an item with an equipped item.


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