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Overwatch Fun at ADK: November 2019

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Friday Night Mayhem: 'In house' at ADK


November is done and we are halfway through December, so what happened in November when it comes to hero selection, meta and how much fun did we have?

Sigma was in full swing and we saw shields stack up as the best defense. Naturally, the solution was to have shield break against any combo like Sigma-Rein or Sigma-Orisa. Sigma is an interesting hero as he is very mobile and can end up doing a lot of damage. One particular quickplay match we had, the enemy Sigma did over 13k damage on Havana. So in the right hand, Sigma is very dominant.

Overall we saw more Ana and Moira and saw less of Mercy and Zen. Doomfist if played right, can be very good in the current meta. Roadhog got some buffs that have stayed into December in a response to double shield, so he is a strong choice at the moment. Winston and Hammond can be useful, but only in certain situations. If you do run Roadhog Orisa a very strong pick for support is Baptiste.

Besides learning Sigma, we had a very hard time against Mei and Reaper. I got killed by reaper flanks a lot and Mei has been and always will be one of the most annoying Heroes. We play Quickplay since our Competitive ranks are not close enough for us to play, so instead we queued up some Classic Quickplay and lost to GOATs and destroyed some dive comps, we don’t think Dive is coming back any time soon.

Most Friday nights we usually get to a full team, but we also love playing Arcade when we have more than six players. So come join us for some fun. Sign up on our website here to become a member and then we can get you in our Discord.

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